lunedì 4 marzo 2013

His'n' Hers

"A Monday-night date," says Nick. "Are you mad?"
"My thouughts exactly."
"Monday night is officially the worst night of all to go out with a new girl."
"I know."
"Everywhere's empty and the contrast between all that emptiness and the buzzing atmosphere of the Saturday night when you first met will bw too much to bear."
"I know."
"Tuesdays are okay, Wednesdays are better, Thursdays are probablyideal, Fridays and Saturdays are okay at a push but they're officially the weekend and, let's face it, the expectation behind a weekend date is so high few can pull it off. Sundays dates are okay if you want your night out to be quiet and homely, ut Mondays? Never."

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